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  Stock Taking  
Prakasam District, AP  
Pudukkottai, TN  
  Supply and Demand  
Enterprise Groups  
Supply and Demand


A supply and demand analysis exercise was conducted in the two project districts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The purpose of this study was three fold:

  • Identify and document the existing projects and programmes for women in agriculture
  • Determine the scale of the relevance i.e. to what extent these projects and programmes are relevant to the different sections of rural women
  • Identify the ‘real’ support needs of rural women who are engaged in different vocations.

The study was conducted via community engagement activities, which included a series of participatory focus group discussions and semi-structured interviews, which yielded qualitative information from the communities. Secondly, quantitative data was gathered on State and district level programme inputs, which was compiled into an Access database and subsequently analysed. 
The project set limits so that women from all categories of farmers (landless, marginal, subsistence and surplus) are equally represented thus ensuring that not only the better off and more vocal women are heard.

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