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What We Did

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Feasibility Study of Women's Aspirations


The purpose of this new phase was to explore the feasibility of various aspirations and activities, identified by women.

We interacted with the same group of respondents (who prefer the same activity) in the same villages. Interviews were held with several agencies/organisations available in the region, namely, traders, finance providers, development departments and research organizations, which could potentially support these activities.

Activities identified by women for improving their livelihoods


Activities Identified

Part of Minjur, Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu

  1. Small business: grocery shop, tiffin centres, petty shops, retailing business (e.g., cloth shop)
  2. Fishing
  3. Agriculture in owned/leased land
  4. Eco-tourism
  5. Dairy
  6. Poultry/feed manufacturing unit

Gajapati district, Orissa

  1. Small business: grocery shop, tea shops, petty shops, retailing business (e.g., cloth shop), tailor shops
  2. Collective marketing of cashew by SHGs
  3. Agriculture/horticulture enhancement
  4. Value addition such as turmeric processing, grading and packaging, masala making and packaging, making mixtures, eatables from rice
  5. Value addition to tamarind, mango/jackfruit, lemon pickling
  6. Poultry: Scaling it up
  7. Goatery: Scaling it up
  8. Minor skills enhancement: bicycle repairs, electronic goods repair, mechanical repairs

East Khasi Hills district,

  1. Piggery: scaling it up in the backyard
  2. Poultry: enhanced management practices
  3. Agriculture/horticulture enhancement
  4. Value addition to fruits (pear, plum, peach), pickle making and potatoes
  5. Eco-tourism

Interactions and interviews helped to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the activities. Besides, they helped in evaluating the kind of support that is required for any of the activities to become an important livelihood option. The results of the feasibility study are indicated under each location. A list of organizations available in the area that can support these activities is also mentioned.

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